Pennsylvania Biden2020 Voters Judge Hunter Biden and Biden Impeachment Hearings.


biden2020: Democratic and independent voters in southeastern Pennsylvania who said they voted for President Joe Biden in 2020 and could be key to his reelection hopes are expressing concern about the president and the president after the younger Biden was indicted on gun charges. His son Hunter Biden weighed in. He was charged last week with lying on a gun purchase form about drug use. Two days ago, House Republicans announced they would open an impeachment inquiry against the president over allegations he profited from his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business connections. CBS News spoke with about 30 Pennsylvanians, each of whom said they were aware of the legal issues surrounding the president’s son. Many said they understood young Biden’s struggle with drug addiction. They tend to view the president’s loyalty to his son as a positive trait.

“I think it’s unfortunate that [Hunter Biden] tried to buy a gun and lied about it,” Kurt Haltiwanger told CBS News, but added, “I think that’s what President Biden is all about” to honor his son. “

In a new CBS News poll, a majority — 53 percent of registered voters nationwide — say congressional Republicans should not try to impeach Biden over matters involving his son, compared to 47 percent of registered voters who support impeachment. In 2020, Biden defeated Trump in Pennsylvania by about 80,000 votes, a 1.2% margin.

The Republican investigation into Hunter Biden’s conduct has yet to find direct evidence of wrongdoing by the president. Biden has denied any involvement with his son’s foreign work, and the White House has said the president is not involved in Hunter Biden’s business.

Dawn Douglas Marion said she is “undecided” whether to vote for Biden again because she is concerned about the president’s handling of the economy and believes Hunter Biden’s legal problems are “undermining” the president’s image. But Marion also said she was bound by the president’s support for her son. “This question is for parents only. I have a child myself, and I would do the same,” she said.

President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama, followed by first lady Jill Biden and former first lady Michelle Obama, arrive in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022. | Photo credit: Harnik/AP Photo

Some Pennsylvania voters are skeptical of impeaching House Republicans. “[Republicans] have been looking for years and found very small, infrequently prosecuted cases that definitely have nothing to do with his father,” Dan Schatz said. “Obviously he’s been very careful to keep your son out of trouble.”

One of the top concerns among voters across the country — young and old — right now appears to be the president’s age, according to a weekend CBS News poll that found just over a third of registered voters thought 80 would be a good idea. If Biden Jr. is re-elected, he could complete his second term, while 55% believe Republican nominee and former President Trump can complete his second term.

In Pennsylvania, Ari Tuckman, a Biden voter, thinks he should be more involved in the campaign. “I think he needs to show voters that he’s not the jaded old man that the Republican Party is trying to make him out to be,” Tuckman said.

Another Biden voter said Mr. Biden’s mental health was not an issue for her. “Age doesn’t really have anything to do with it. Biden and Trump are both older people, so age doesn’t really have anything to do with it,” Elizabeth Barone said. “I care about his health. That’s all I care about, his health.”

A CBS News poll showed that in the absolute rematch, Trump currently leads by 1 percentage point (margin of error) over Biden, whom he defeated by 7 million votes among likely Trump voters. for years.


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