OTP Mafia:The worldwide cybercrime underworld is revealed in this article, “Inside The OTP Mafia”.o2



shady underbelly is revealed in the 25-minute NDTV documentary “Inside The OTP Mafia: Nuh To New York.”.

New Delhi: The majority of people have, at some point, received offers of loans, notices that their bank cards will be suspended, and even X-rated videos starring them. Those who are fortunate enough to hang up and forget about “that annoying call” are fortunate; those who are not are not. They lose their hard-earned money and, in some tragically extreme cases, even their lives.

With never-before-seen footage of a live raid by the Haryana Police, a tell-all interview with the top expert at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and a bombshell interview with two top-tier con artists, NDTV’s 25-minute documentary “Inside The OTP Mafia: Nuh To New York” exposes this murky underbelly of OTP scams, blackmailing, and sextortion.

OTP Mafia
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India’s most dangerous minds are also exposed in a live sextortion call for our cameras.

These cartel’s bosses aren’t tech-savvy city dwellers hiding behind opulent screens. They’re thugs. These men and women, who are all dropouts from school, work in the fields in Jamtara, Nuh, Mathura, and Bharatpur, to name a few, from the convenience of their charpoys (yes, they work from home).

As men call New Yorkers thousands of miles away, boundaries become hazy. According to statistics, these callers preyed on 45,000 Americans in 2017. Their arsenal consists of the most basic mobile phone models, numerous SIM cards, and the bank accounts of helpless villagers.

In the US, 140 cases were received daily. In order to combat this transnational, we heavily rely on local law enforcement. According to the top FBI official speaking to NDTV, some Indians in villages pick up American speech patterns from YouTube and other social media.

“Some of the cases involve losses ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The official claimed that it destroys entire lives and savings.

A woman in the US who was duped by an OTP mafia claimed to NDTV that she received a call from a “government agency” demanding payment for drug dealing. The calls persisted and threatened her with a raid from the authorities despite her denial. She was informed that in order to meet them, she must first make payment.

“I lost thousands of dollars, which is roughly 75% of the life savings I had set aside for use after retirement. My son, who is 17 years old, is about to start college. I also have a daughter who has special needs, the woman told NDTV.

The OTP scams employ a huge number of SIM cards. In April of this year, the Delhi Police arrested 22,000 members of an OTP gang.


Many senior citizens in the US don’t anticipate that their nation will experience this kind of fraud. They are remarkably unaware of it.



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