Israel-Hamas war: Israel attacks areas near Gaza’s Al-Quds Hospital


Israel attacks areas near Gaza’s Al-Quds Hospital:

The Palestinian Red Crescent said Israel bombed the area around Al-Quds Hospital in the Talhawa neighborhood of Gaza City.

The group announced on social networks that more than 8,000 Palestinians sought refuge in the hospital, which was attacked and destroyed by Israeli forces in 2009.


Hamas government says displaced people in Gaza lack basic necessities:

A statement from the Hamas government in Gaza said more than a million people had been displaced in Gaza, including 600,000 in the northern Gaza Strip.

The statement said the displaced lacked basic necessities and faced catastrophic living conditions as the United Nations Eastern Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) suspended services in the northern part of the enclave. “We demand that UNRWA resume operations in the northern Gaza Strip and fulfill its responsibility for displaced persons in designated school dormitories,” the statement said.

On Tuesday, UNRWA issued a status report saying an “unknown number” of displaced people “remained in UNRWA schools in the north” but said it was “no longer able to assist or protect them”. UNRWA’s report states: “Despite evacuation orders issued by the Israeli army, the number of internally displaced persons in UNRWA schools in the north remains unknown. UNRWA is no longer able to assist or protect displaced persons in these areas. There is also no information. .about their needs and conditions.

UNRWA reports that nearly 400,000 displaced people have sought refuge in UNRWA facilities “in the central region of Khan Younis and Rafah.” The group’s logistics base in Rafah has almost 8,000 people and “the number continues to grow”, the report said. A statement from Gaza authorities on Wednesday also called for an “international investigation” into Tuesday’s explosion at Gaza’s Ahli Baptist Hospital and repeated Palestinian claims that the blast was repelled by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). attacked by Israeli airstrikes.

“We welcome the call by the President of the European Council to launch an international investigation into the Baptist [hospital] massacre, and we demand a thorough investigation into all the crimes of the occupation since the beginning of the aggression,” the statement said. CNN could not independently confirm the cause of the explosion at Ahli Baptist Hospital.

The Israel Defense Forces claimed it was due to a “failed rocket launch” by Islamic Jihad, while Palestinian officials blamed Israel.


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