2009 Annual Meeting
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2009 Annual Meeting

Dear ARNC Members:                                    

I’m writing on behalf of my colleagues on the Association of Regional News Channels Board.  As all of you know, 2009 is on course to become the most financially challenging year in decades.  All of our Association member news channels face tight budgets, restricted travel and difficult resource allocation decisions. 

After considerable discussion about the economy’s impact on our businesses, the ARNC Board made the following decisions: 

§  We will suspend payment of Association of Regional Newschannel dues for 2009.  After evaluating our current financial position, we have determined that ARNC can sustain a one-year hiatus in dues payments from all members, without suffering serious harm.  So, you will not be billed for dues in 2009.


§  We have canceled the 2009 ARNC Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  In the past, our Annual Meeting has been a productive, all-day session on the Sunday before NAB starts in Las Vegas in April.  After talking to many of our members, the Board decided that it did not make sense to spend any money on a hotel conference room or meals for a meeting that would generate meager attendance.   

The Board believes that we need to make sure ARNC is relevant and helpful as you navigate these turbulent financial times.  So, we are investigating other options this Spring for a meeting or webinar that will focus on strategies and tactics to generate revenue or manage costs.   As soon as we’ve finalized those plans, we’ll contact you with full details. 

We’re sorry to cancel this year’s ARNC meeting at NAB, but trust you’ll agree it’s the only fiscally responsible action that makes sense under our current circumstances.  And, even though our ARNC dues are not high, I hope you’ll agree with the spirit in which we have declared a one-year dues moratorium. 

If you have ideas or suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to contact me at or any of our other Board Member. 

Best Regards, 


Alan Mason, on behalf of the ARNC Board 

News14 Carolina 



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